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Pre-Membership Form

Membership Application


Potential Member Procedure


Potential Member Procedure

Please adhere to this basic procedure when introducing a potential new member to the Lakeside Garden Guild.

1.  If you have a friend who has expressed an interest in the activities of the Guild, invite her as a guest before suggesting the possibility of membership.  The Corresponding Secretary must be informed of all guests (Some meetings are closed to guests).


2.  If she is then interested in becoming a member, ask yourself, would this person make a contribution as a member?  Would she participate fully?  Would she be available to volunteer her time on programs or projects?  Does she have organizational, gardening, or design skills that would benefit Guild operations or, at least, a keen interest in learning?


3.  If you feel the answers are positive and the person is sincerely interested, complete the “Pre-Membership Form” and give it to the Membership Chair, who will present your candidate to the Board.  If there is space for a new member, and if the Board concurs, proceed  as follows:

  •  Give a copy of the “Benefits and Obligations for Guild Membership” to the potential member, to be sure she understands what membership entails.

  • Next, bring her as a “prospective member” to two Guild meetings.  Explain to her that at the first meeting she will be expected to briefly tell everyone about herself – where she is from, where she lives, and her background and interests, especially related to Garden Guild activities (3 minutes maximum).  You as her sponsor will do the introduction.


4.  After she has attended her first meeting as a prospective member, have her complete the “Membership Application Form”.  This should then be submitted to the Membership Chair who will present it to the Board of Directors for a vote. 


5.  If the Board approves the submission, the new member will be introduced at the fourth meeting (first meeting as a guest, second and third meetings as a potential member) and presented with her folder and name badge.  Her pro rata payment will then be due and should be paid to the Treasurer. 

Updated April, 2008

Benefits & Responsbilities

Benefits & Responsibilities

Benefits and Obligations of Membership 

Lakeside Garden Guild limits membership to 40 women in order to hold meetings in the homes of members. We meet once a month on the third Thursday from 10:00 a.m. to noon. Generally, the first half hour is social time. Occasionally a workshop, field trip or luncheon requires special hours. At each meeting, instructive programs are presented on botanical or floral design subjects and related topics. Sometimes these are “hands-on” projects. The focus is on learning to do things that will enhance our own homes and gardens. Once a year we present a Floral Design Show. This may be an Autumn, Holiday or Spring event and may include a cocktail or dinner party. It is not a judged show. Instead the event is a way to share with the community and challenge members’ skills. Every year we plan and participate in a community project that will enhance the community or help a group in our area. 

MAJOR OBLIGATIONS (See By-laws for more details) It is the obligation of members to attend the monthly meeting unless ill or out of town. Those are the only two reasons for excused absences. Attendance is recorded and three unexcused absences in a year results in dismissal from the Guild. Meeting notices are sent by e-mail each month. The obligation of the member is to reply to the e-mail stating her intention to attend. At the last minute, if illness or extenuating circumstances prohibit one from attending, a call to the home where the meeting is to be held is necessary. Each member is required to participate in the Annual Floral Design Show. If a member is ill, out of town, or, due to other circumstances, does not participate, she will be required to present a floral program at a subsequent meeting. It is expected that every member participate in Guild activities. This may include hosting a meeting at your home, co-hosting a meeting (providing treats for the social time preceding a meeting), presenting a program, chairing a committee, or being a participant on a committee. Eventually, members take their turn as Officers of the Guild. 

BENEFITS Most Guild members are homeowners and are interested in entertaining and enjoying their homes and gardens and the good life at Lakeside. Learning is an on-going process for Guild members. Programs and hands-on projects are fun and productive. Members receive a great deal of gratification from the Guild and find it to be a most supportive organization. In addition to having a good time, deep friendships are often honed. 

Guest Rules

Guest Rules

There are two ways someone can be invited as a "Guest" to one of the Garden Guild meetings - as long as there is space and the meeting has not been announced as a “closed” meeting: 

1. Your House Guest - as an out of town house guest of a Member. 

2. Local Resident Guest – just interested in a particular program. This would typically be a local resident who is not intending to become a member, but simply interested in a particular program. She is welcome once in calendar year. In either situation, please inform the Corresponding Secretary of the name of your guest and explain who they are (1 or 2 of the above). 

If you want to sponsor a new Potential Member, please read the document “Procedure for Introducing a Potential New Member to the Guild” for full information. 

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