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Wearable Flowers by Margaret Quinn and Cathy Sheehan


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Necklaces—USE YOUR OWN JEWELRY AS A BASE , OR CREATE NECKLACE OUT ALUMINUM WIRE OR HARDWARE STORE WIRE.  Note: wire necklace can be left as is, covered in floral tape, or ribbon. See diagrams in next photo on possible ways to shape wire necklaces.

The GG’s 50th Anniversary is very special, so consider doing something special and unique to celebrate....  and to identify you as a GG Member at the party.  After the Wearable Floral presentation at the meeting, Cathy Sheehan and Margaret Quinn were happy to see the enthusiasm from members now wanting to wear flowers—-so many type designs to choose from!

If you were present at the September GG Meeting, the photos and information below will be a reminder of the wearable flower designs that were shown. And if you were not there, you will be able to learn the types of wearable floral designs members can consider.  Below are numerous floral ideas to create lovely and VERY EASY to create Rings, Bracelets, Hair Clips, Headbands, Ribbon or Lace Collars, and Wire Necklaces for your consideration.

Designs presented at the GG meeting can be constructed by you VERY EASILY and with very little expense—maybe 20 pesos to 30 pesos. The materials needed can be gathered, and the base/ frame of what design you want can be easily made weeks ahead.  Then  you only need  5 to 10 minuets to attach flowers the day before the show.  Finished design should go in the fridge overnight. 

You might want to use flowers that match the color of your outfit, or contrast your outfit.  Or, you might want to use the same flowers as in your floral Arrangement.

Do scroll the photos below for designs ideas. Then scroll below the photos for suggested flowers and greenery, possible enhancements, materials for attaching flowers, and store resources for materials.

And diagonally across from Police Station on Ajijic Plaza there is a “dollar store” where you can find hair bands, Clips, etc.  Also,  little stores in this area have things you might like.From your food shopping, cut thin cardboard cut from food packaging into desired shape, or thin plastic cut from food containers to use as a “base” to glue flowers into a shape.HOW TO ATTACH FLOWERS TO COMBS, CLIPS, HEADBANDS, NECK COLLAR, NECKLACES ,  or make a BOUTONNIÈRE You can attach flowers unto thin cardboard or plastic shape the easy way with Floral Adhesive, glue strips or dots, double sided tape, or glue gun.COMBS, CLIPS, HEADBANDS, NECK COLLARS:Glue single flower or small flowers on directly.

Suggested Flowers for Wearable Floral Designs:
—- Use similar colors to match or complement what you are planning to wear.  Or use contrasting colors.
— use the same flowers as in your arrangement.
—use flowers that do not rapidly droop: 
tiny roses, 
types of flowers that can be dried, 
berries of all kinds, 
mums of all sizes, 
Gerber daisies, 
baby breath, 
geraniums, tiny and large succulents that look like flowers,
and more... see photos above. 

Suggested Greenery:
—-Leaves from roses.
— All succulent leaves.
– – Any hardy type leaves from your garden, or your friends’ or neighbors ‘ gardens.  
—-Any waxy type leaves.

Suggestions to Enhance, if you wish, Your Design (see photos)
Look through your jewelry, sewing, Christmas, fall, ribbon, and theme decoration boxes (Margaret has extras of items with *)
—-Wires (can use for flowers, beads, or twisted)
—-*Beads (glue on flowers or put on wires to use as picks)
—-Silver or gold fabric.
—-Small bows.
—Gathered toile.

Possible Materials for Construction:
Another GG Member might be able to help you with materials you need.  If not, see store resources below.

At Guadalajara Flower Market on corner store:
—-Best type glue: Floral Adhesive.
—-U-glue strips or dots.
—-Green or gold wire.
—-Masking tape.
—-Double sided tape.
—-Aluminum wire in many colors, or wire from hardware store.
—-Glue gun.

At Chapala Fabric Store: (go up main drag toward Guad.  At large grey bus station on right, turn right, and go one block.  On the right corner is the fabric store.  It is stuffed with stuff.  If you don’t see what you want ASK young Fernando who speaks perfect English (Margaret has extras of items with *)
—-*Clear Plastic hair clips 
—-*Ribbon of all types and colors.
—Lace ribbon—black or white.
—-Fabric with gold stars.
—-Shiny gold fabric.
—-Green floral tape.
—-*Beads, pearls...
—And lots more decorative items are in little stores in Chapala that sell inexpensive jewelry that can be used for some bling.

1.  In light cardboard or thin plastic from supermarket packaging, cut a desired shape—-round, oval, square, triangle, “s” shaped, etc.—- to the size you want: small, medium, or large.
2.  Next poke  2 holes in cardboard or thin plastic shape, and then  thread a piece of thin wire through holes to the back, so that the design can later be attached/wired to comb, clip, wired necklace. 
3.  On top side, glue leaves on first on cardboard or plastic.  Next glue flowers in desired design and add any desired beads, rhinestone, etc. in desired design.
4.  Finally, attached underside wire to comb, headband, wire necklace, etc.

ATTACHING BIGGER AND LARGER FLOWERS That Do Not Sit Flat (like large roses, etc,):
1. Follow steps 1 , 2. and 3. above.
2. Then, through the base of large flowers, thread a wire.  Poke 2 holes through leaves in desired design space.  Twist two ens of wire underneath.  
3.  Next glue smaller flowers and any desired beads, rhinestone, etc. in desired design.
4.  Finally, attached underside wires to wire comb, headband, wire necklace, etc.

SEE beautiful flower designs in photos.  These designs can also be used on  ANY bracelet, comb, clip, necklace or neck collar.  

 How-to guide for a delicate floral hair comb.

4 x cream spray roses
3 x white lisianthus
3 x sprigs of brunia laevis
2 x sprigs of your choice of blooms
Florist wire
Florist tape
Wire comb
Step-by-step guide a delicate floral hair comb:

Step 1
Using a pair of sharp scissors, cut the stems of the flowers and foliage to approximately 2 inches long. Mount the flower heads onto florists wire by inserting a length of wire through the base of the flower head, just at the top of the stem. Fold the wire in half, and wrap one end around the stem to secure.

Step 2


Step 3
Repeat until all flower heads are mounted onto florist wire.
Wrap a length of florist tape around the stem and wire of each flower to create a clean finish.

Step 4
Begin to arrange the wired flowers into two small clusters. Creating two small clusters of blooms will ensure that the larger flower heads lie in the middle of the comb, framed by green foliage.
TOP TIP: Start the first cluster with small sprigs of [your choice of flower] and brunia laevis, topped with a delicate cream spray rose


Step 5
Arrange white lisianthus, [your choice of flower] and brunia laevis together to form the second flower cluster.

Step 6
Attach the two flower clusters together by wrapping florist wire around the stems of each cluster. Trim the stems where necessary to create a clean finish. Using another length of florist wire, attach the flowers securely to the comb by looping the wire several times through the teeth and around the stems of the comb and the flowers.
TOP TIP: To create a balanced look, ensure that the flower heads are arranged evenly along the width of the comb.

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