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Viveros and Nurseries at Lakeside

Lakeside Nurseries

There are many viveros located around Lake Chapala. It is an adventure to find new ones, often quietly tucked away adjacent to a private residence. The following are viveros more well-known to Lakeside gardeners.

FLORA EXOTICA S.A. de C.V.: Libramiento Chapala-Jocotepec #2; San Antonio Tlacapan; Telephone (376) 766-1633; Ornamental plants, roses, fruit trees of all varieties and palms.
GRANJA LA PAZ: Carretera Ajijic-Jocotepec, Kilometre 58.3; 766-0928; Ornamental plants of all kinds, orchids, Koi, potted flowering bulbs, pots.

RANCHO SANTA TERESITA: Carretera Tlajomulco-San Miguel Cuyutlan, Kilometro 11; 01(3)-772-4019; Orchids, ferns including stag-horns, anthuriums, waterlilies and other aquatic plants. Potting supplies for orchids. Jaime Piza.

VIVERO AZUCENA: Javier Mina #43, Ajijic (located right behind Clinica Ajijic); Telephone: (376) 766-4289. Hours Mon-Fri 9-2, 4-6; Sat-Sun 9-2. Good selection of shade plants, annuals, potted bulbs, sod by the square meter, pots. Garden design. Eduardo Galindo, owner.

VIVERO CACTUS: Km. 60.5 Carretera Ajijic-Jocotepec,. Telephone (376) 766-0128; Extensive selection of cacti and other succulents. Joel Rasmusson, owner.

VIVEROS DEL LAGO: Oriente #117; Ajijic (located adjacent to Telmex office). Telephone (376) 766-0053; Large selection of all types of plants, pots, potting materials, fertilizers. Alberto Pantoja Roja, owner.

VIVERO LAS PALMAS. Carretera Ajijic-Jocotepec #648. (West of Roosevelt School, south side at “Alcesa” sign). Telephone: (376) 766-0504. Hours Mon-Sat 9-1, 2-7; Sun 10:30a-2pm. Individual herbs to mature plants; bags of tierra. Manuel Nava, owner.

VIVERO MASCARAS: Carretera Ajijic-Chapala, Ribera de Chapala, just east of the TeleCable office. Good selection of all types of plants, especially nice ferns and annuals.

VIVERO RANCHO DEL ORO: Carr. Poniente No. 420, Ajijic. Telephone: (376) (376) 766-4528. Cel. 01-333-442-6808. Palms a specialty. Maintenance, grass rolls, fruit trees. Martin Galindo, representante.

VIVERO SAN JUAN COSALA. Carretera Ajijic-Jocotepec #58, San Juan Cosala. Telephone: (376) 761-0152. Hours Open Daily 8-7pm. Colorful plants a specialty. Jesus Davalor Aceves, owner. 

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