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2016 Photos of General Meetings

January 2016

January 2016 Meeting Photos

A Succulent Presentation

Mary Bragg and Stacy Girton lead the Succulent Presentation for January’s meeting.  Each member was asked to bring a container, plants and working tools to make their own arrangement.  Mary spoke about design, placement and the best viveros to purchase new and unusual succulents.  Mary and Stacy’s delivery was informative and entertaining.

The meeting was held at Kenee Campo’s home.  Pam Pettus brought the wonderful floral arrangement.  Merelyn Shore brought fruit and Leslie Martin baked the cookies.  Thank you, ladies, all!

February 2016

February 2016 Meeting Photos

The General Meeting topic of Terrariums was presented by Gayle McGraw. She discussed uses, sizes of containers, how to put them together and what kind of plants were the most beneficial to this use.   Gayle had several (lots!) of ideas on placement of plants, different colors/shades and sizes.  How to pour the soil and where to buy all of the supplies.  She suggested using distilled water with a small tube or straw and not to water directly on the plants!  It was a very interesting and entertaining presentation.  If you’d like more information Gayle said to Google terrariums and tons of websites pop up!

Gayle McGraw not only did the terrarium presentation but the meeting was held at her home. Linda Hines brought the fruit and Merelyn Shore donated the pastries.

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March 2016

March 2016 Meeting Photos

The General Meeting of “Underwater Designs “was presented by Merelyn Shore in her home.  Merelyn covered this fascinating and unusual topic thoroughly.   She gave out a complete informative handout that is included in this month’s link area.  Merelyn had on display several sizes, shapes of vases with different  sizes and colors of flowers.  The size of the flower is very important because underwater the clarity of the glass vase magnifies the flower!  Another consideration is to work on this floral arrangement where you are planning to display it because of the weight of the water.  It can get quite heavy!  Please read the hand out because it is quite extensive and Merelyn takes us through each important step.  Thank you, Merelyn.

Pasteries donated by Barb Corol
Fruit donated by Georgia Barneburg

April 2016

April 2016 Meeting Photos

The speaker April was Peter Palmer. Peter has extensive knowledge of plants, flowers and gardens and he answered a lot of questions from the ladies. We discussed fertilization, adapting capabilities of plants in general, the viveros in the area and a lot of other fascination subjects. The information was abundant and the subjects extremely varied. Peter had good tips on getting rid of cutter ants, a real problem here at Lakeside, and as usual with anything that has to do with gardening, patience is a must. We were given good information as to how to get rid of a colony by reading a bit of the nest of a colony in the garden, so that the odor would deter other colonies from approaching a certain area, cutter ants being very territorial. Peter’s favorite fertilizer is Nitro Fosca and only needs to be applied 4 times a year.
Great meeting, thank you to Leslie for stepping up!