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2015 Photos of General Meetings

January 2016

January 2015 Meeting Photos

Laura Ortiz Calderon from the Garden Center, Hidalgo No. 352-B, Riberas del Pilar, Chapala, came and spoke to our group about using natural solutions to keep pests out of our gardens.  She gave several examples and lots of good tips.  She is looking forward to helping all of us in our gardening efforts and if we have any questions, she urges us to stop by and ask our questions.  Laura is now on Facebook and to please look her up!  Thank you, Laura!

February 2015

February 2015 Meeting Photos

Carmen Bentivoglio and Celina Harmis led the February general meeting (Celebrations Arrangements) in a demonstration on creative, innovative flower containers for any kind of personal celebration.  Celina was celebrating the completion of her bathroom renovation so she used the old tub faucet for her floral container!  How clever is that?  Carmen took a jar top, applied an oasis on top and proceeded to make a tiny bouquet on top to cover a glass of champagne or a container of chocolates….diminutive and pretty!  Thank you, Carmen and Celina for thinking outside the box!

March 2015

March 2015 Meeting Photos

Estella Hidalgo gave the March General Meeting presentation on Floral Design Composition.  She spoke on design needing to establish communication with the observer and create interest and a bond.  Estella explained the tried and true rules of composition and the “Golden Rule” of points.  Also, how we, as floral designers, need to learn to add contrast, interest, color, dimension and texture.  Estella explained all these aspects and did an excellent job of making it clear and comprehensible.  Thank you Estelle, it was fascinating.

April 2015

April 2015 Meeting Photos

No meeting.

May 2015

May 2015 Meeting Photos

The topic of the May 2015 meeting was "Kitchen Vegetable Arrangements" with presenter Jaimie Holland.  The meeting was held at Leslie Martin's lovely historic home.