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2014 Photos of General Meetings

January 2014

January 2014 Meeting (no Photos)

Growing Plants in a Soiless Environment by Greg Ochs

The January 16 General Meeting of the Lakeside Garden Guild started off in a fascinating and extremely interesting program featuring Greg Ochs of Greengo Farms which grows hydroponic vegetables and up to 2600 plants.   Greg is originally from Texas but retired from being an engineer and new product designer in Seattle to  being an entrepreneur in hydroponic growing.  Hydroponics is a system of growing plants (as tall as a papaya to as small as a bunch of lettuce) with no soil, no grit on the plants, and no chemical spraying.  All in a water base.  Greg was intrigued with growing plants in this water environment and through a series of events came up with several plant towers he now has for sale.  This Growing Tower is all inclusive and he will teach you how to be a success in hydroponic growing!

He takes his produce to sell La Huerta Evento at the Tuesday Organic Market on the Carretera.  

If you have further questions for Greg Ochs, call or email him at 376.766.5519 or

February 2014

February 2014 Meeting Photos

Designing a Garden by Anita Phillipsborn

Held at the home of Bonnie Newman

After a short business meeting lead by Averial Miller, Georgia Barneburg spoke briefly on the Design Principles of floral design.  She spoke on color, placement, shape and theme.

There were two beautiful examples created by Karen Lingo and Georgia explained how and why Karen made them the way she did.  Refreshments were brought by Sharon King and Gayle McGraw.

Anita Philipsborn was our featured speaker for February.  Anita has been living in Ajijic for three years and has "retired"  from the life of interior design.  She is originally from Evanston, Il where she established her firm in 1985.  (If you look on Pinterest you will see several examples of her fabulous work.)  For our group,  Anita presented an interesting and very valuable topic called "Feel the Space" which explains the relationship of spatial design and how it affects our life.   Anita gave several examples on having the correct placement of not only furniture,  but landscaping for each and every view from your windows and doors.   We also have emotional experiences with color, space and if it isn't correct it can be disturbing.  She cited several examples which were very entertaining!

She suggested a book written by Russell Page, who is a landscape gardener.  He goes into further detail on this topic.  Thank you, Anita, for sharing your invaluable knowledge.

March 2014

March 2014 Meeting Photos

Victory Garden Project by Lee Carson


John Kempf article from Sept. 22,2013

John Kempf’s Company

John Kempf’s Linkedin page

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ECOLOGICAL GARDENING Arden Andersons's talk on Macola March 23, 2014BOOKS BY ARDEN ANDERSEN FARMING Brunetti article from December 15, 2013

April 2014

April 2014 Meeting Photos

Space Considerations by Margaret Quinn & Norma King

May 2014

May 2014 Meeting Photos

Growing Orchids 

by Mrs. Libby Colterjohn  and Karen Lingo

One of the original Orchid Club founders fourteen years ago, Libby Colterjohn, came to the May Lakeside Garden Guild and spoke to us about the care and habits of the orchid.  Libby has lived at Lakeside for sixteen years  and came with her husband to enjoy their retirement.  Dr. Colterjohn had been a doctor in Zambia for the Royal Malaysian Air Force and they have lived both in Asia and South Africa.  In their retirement Libby was able to continue her love of orchids and has passed her avid interest and knowledge on to the rest of us.  "Keep air around the plant, do NOT over water, feed weekly, weakly, and keep out of direct sun but have strong filtered light."  Libby debunked several myths and supposed difficulties about growing orchids and answered many questions from the floor.  

Karen Lingo, a long term Garden Guild member and also of the Orchid Club, spoke about her experiences with phalaenopsis orchids which are supposed to be one of the easiest orchids to have in the home.  She gave a wonderful tip: Take a wooden skewer (the type you would use for shish-ka-bobs) and poke it into the soil, if it is wet or damp, DON'T water.  Wait for it to dry out!  Karen also said that there are many lovely orchid at Costco.  Easy cost, wonderful beauty!

Thank you, Libby and Karen, for imparting your enthusiasm to us!