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May 2024 Luncheon Photo

The Garden Guild members (Margaret Quinn, Kenee Campo, Liz Durham, Cathy Sheehan, Linda Rudisell-Hines, Justine Bertram, Di Anne Maczko, Jo Lapinski, and Carrie Hemphill (not seen in the photo)) went to D'Shanti's for lunch. We discussed many topics including making this a regular event and inviting prior garden guild members to join us.

May Garden Guild Luncheon.jpg

April 2024 Meeting Photos

THE LAKESIDE GARDEN GUILD wias held on April 18, 2024/10:30  at  the home of Kenee Campos

 #9 Arroyos Sur/Ajijic


Directions to Kenee’s home:  Beginning at the West End Tuesday Market, drive west on the Carretera one very long block to Callejon de la Zapota. Turn right (North) uphill approximately two blocks to Arroyos Sur Condominio.  Guest parking is outside, with limited on-street parking inside community.  



Baked goods: Susan Bainbridge/Fruit: Mary Bragg/ Flowers: Margaret & Carrie


11:30  PROGRAM 

The meeting was followed by lunch at Escondido.

Local orchid expert, Jose Banda, did do a presentation on Orchids. Questions were asked about the care of orchids and he happily provided some answers. He also brought a selection of orchids for sale which delighted eveyone. 

Below is the Orchid video link (Carrie had to cut some of it as it turned out to be 45 minutes).

March 2024 Meeting Photos

THE LAKESIDE GARDEN GUILD was held on March 21, 2024/10:30 at the home of Sue Williams.

Riviera Alta/ Torremolinos #5


Directions to Sue’s home:  From the Carreterra in Ajijic go north (towards the mountain) on either Revolucion (the Wednesday tianguis street) or Javier Mina (the Ajijic Clinic street).  At the top of the street turn right onto Lazaro Cardenas (both Revolucion and Javier Mina end at Lazaro Cardenas).  Follow Lazaro Cardenas down the bottom of the hill to the end of the road.  The gatehouse to Riviera Alta will be on your left.  After you enter through the gate, Torremolinos is the 4th street on the right.  Turn right onto Torremolinos. Sue's home is #5, the 5th house on the right.



Baked goods: Jan Quarton Fruit: Linda Hines, Flowers: Linda Williams & Lucille Johnstone

10:30 Social hour


11:30  PROGRAM 

Visited the venue of 2024 Lakeside Garden Guild Floral Show

Lunch was immediately followed at Pasta Trenta.


February 2024 Meeting Photos

THE LAKESIDE GARDEN GUILD met on Feb. 15, 2024/10:30 at the home of Bonnie Newman


Co-hostesses: Baked goods: Carrie Hemphill/ Fruit: Justine Bertram/Flowers: Vickie C.

11:30  PROGRAM 


      Each member was assigned to work with other members to create one lunch/dinner place setting and accompanying floral design that is appropriate for their theme.  The member teams are listed below.  The floral design was in keeping with the place setting.   Examples: a Mexican theme, an Asian theme, a vegetable theme, etc.  You get the picture.   

The teams were as follows:

Margaret Q + Carrie H. + Kari H.

Susan + Justine + Cathy

Linda H. + Janine

Beth and her guest Holly

Lucille + Liz + Di Anne

Allegra + Janet

Vicki + Twig + proposed members: Norma Hall + Daphine Mullens

Alicia + Leslie + Mary

Celina + Sue + Carmen

Merelyn + Bonnie + Jo

Jan Q. + Kenee 


The meeting was followed by lunch at La Pacena.