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2020 Meeting Photos

January 2020

January 2020

Our January 2020 meeting was at Jan Alswager's beautiful home in Upper Chula Vista. We had the privilege of meeting her daughter, Anna, too! Connie Hayes made the floral arrangement, Twig Smye the fruit platter and Justine Bertram the pastries. Rosario Haro presented the program on how to construct a fiber hanging basket and attach plants to it. It was awesome! Joyce McNiven handed over the President's bell to Sue Williams, our 2020 President. Sue presented Joyce with a lovely book on floral arrangement which Jan Quarton had provided, but was not able to attend the meeting due to a bad fall the day before. Bonnie Newman came even though she had a black eye from a fall. We had an awesome time and loved viewing Jan's fabulous gardens.

February 2020

Hostess: Mary O’Leary
Lunch: Thanks to the following people for bringing

  • Mary - coffee and floral arrangement

  • Allegra - fruit before the meeting 

  • Linda and Joyce - Champagne and orange juice 

  • Twig and Sharon - main dish

  • Sue - Salad

  • Merelyn - tiramisu 

Program: Designing with Unusual Materials by Jan Quarton and Jan Alswager

Johanina Wikoff attended as a guest of Joyce McNiven.  Sue Williams, as the new President, conducted a short meeting, and introduced the 2020 elected Board.  A toast was held for our wonderful hostess Mary O’Leary, as we wished her the best in her new adventure in Florida.
Jan Quarton and Jan Alswager dazzled us with a parade of non-typical containers found in thrift shops and scrounged from their own back yards (and even Mary’s!).  Jan Alswager’s “jellyfish display” using succulents was just over the top in combining unusual materials.  

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